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BPA News and Activities

August 2017- May 2018

  • August 2017 - Potential members were recruited at our first day of school assembly.  There are high hopes to increase the membership and support the State Membership Campaign to assist in saving the NMCTSO funding that exists.   
  • October 2017 - The BPA members held an ice cream social in order to recruit new members on Halloween.  The members of the chapter also took ice cream to the staff in order to show their appreciation for their hard work in education.  The elected officers attended the CORE conference on October 23, 2017 and engaged in leadership activities.  Their guest speaker, Stephen Mackey, motivated them greatly to initiate leadership within themselves and spread it to those they are associated with.  
  • November 2017 - BPA members participated in BPA social week and dressed up like Texans for Texas Tuesday, wore mismatched shoes and socks for Wacky Wednesday and gave their advisor some thanks with candy and a card on Fun Friday.  
  • January 2018 - BPA is a proud sponsor and works closely with the official Special Olympics organization.  The chapters participate in service learning activities and donation events to assist this national, state, and local organization.  Members are seeking donations for this year's State Community Service Project.  They are selling balloons for $25 and all proceeds go to Special Olympics at the State Conference.  Donors can fill out a tag that will be attached to the balloons for the banquet and credit will be given to each school BPA chapter.  They also attended the school board meeting to present on what they have been involved in throughout the school year and asked for considerations of budgets to be created for academic clubs.  Seventeen members attended NMCTSO Day to lobby for the continuation of career and technical education within the schools.  
  • February 2018 - Students are in the process of selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts to fund their way to the State Leadership Conference on February 22-24.  The last day to buy doughnuts is February 2 and delivery will be on February 9, 2018.