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Santa Rosa Consolidated School District is accepting applications for the following positions:

POSITION: Educational Assistant 

  • Santa Rosa High School

    182 Day Contract

    Minimum Qualifications:

    High school diploma or equivalent

    New Mexico licensure; must hold or be able to obtain a Level 3, K-12 Educational Assistant License

    Must hold or be able to obtain a Substitute License


    Essential Job Responsibilities:

    • Educational Assistants may be assigned to regular education, special education classrooms, to assist librarians, the school nurse, other professionals, or to monitor and manage the school workroom.

    • Primary duties include: assisting teachers and professionals with preparation and/or delivery of instructional material;

    • assisting in one-on-one and small group activities;

    • assisting in transferring students;

    • assisting teacher and ancillary staff in implementing goals and objectives for each student;

    • assisting in management/re-direction of students who may be disruptive or combative;

    • assisting with supervision of students on the playground, cafeteria, restrooms, and hallways;

    • participating in staff meetings, in-service training.

    • other school activities;

    • performing clerical duties for teachers;

    • performing substitute duties as assigned;

    • performing other duties as assigned.

    Work Hours:

    Work hours will be in accordance with hours determined by the school district and the individual schools.


    Application Procedure:

    The following documents must be attached to complete this application:

    • One (1) transcript from each credentialing college or university, or, if you have no college credits,

    • A copy of your High School Diploma or GED Certificate


    Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Job Responsibilities:
- Working with our local community leaders and entities to garner support for the various initiatives that we implement at S.R.H.S
- Consult regularly with S.R.H.S. Principal and Superintendent to ensure that they are apprised of the progress, and are able to provide input/feedback as to the direction of the initiatives.
- Regularly schedule Site-Based Leadership Team meetings to maintain communication between you and the staff working at the high school.
- Regularly schedule Community-Based Leadership Team meetings to garner participation and support from the local entities and community leaders.
o Work with these entities to determine what service/program/initiative they can support that is in line with their goals as an organization.
- Develop an approach on how to measure short-term and long-term outcomes in order to gauge the effectiveness of the initiatives we implement.
o An annual Needs Assessment Report may be the best way to accomplish this.
o Annual surveys, interviews, and/or focus groups will be necessary to determine progress.
- Apply for the Community Schools Implementation Grant on an annual basis.
o Create an annual budget for the following year’s grant award
o Adjust your Needs Assessment and Asset Map accordingly if needed.
- Submit the annual Progress Report Toolkit to NMPED for them to evaluate the progress that we are making on an annual basis.
- Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
- Must be able to obtain (at least) an Educational Assistant Level. 3A license from NMPED.
- Preferred 3+ years of working experience in an educational setting (classroom, administration, or grant writing).
- Preferred Bachelor’s degree or higher in educational background.
- Great communication skills (writing & speaking)
- Must be able to work independently and with a group/team.
- “Salesman mentality” – a positive and energetic attitude that encourages participation.



Submit resume to Mr. Martin Madrid 344 Fourth St, Santa Rosa NM 88435
email: mmadrid@srlions.com


Applications are available in PDF format below

Applicants must be able to pass a background check and hold required licenses, if applicable. Positions are available until filled with a fiscal year starting date. Applications are also available at 344 4th St. Santa Rosa, NM 88435.

The Santa Rosa Consolidated School District is an equal opportunity employer. No candidate will be denied employment on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, age, or handicap.

Teacher Application.pdf

2019 Non-Cert. Application.pdf

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