Ms. Breezy Gutierrez


Agile Mind Intensified Algebra I
Intensified Algebra I is a comprehensive, extended-period course that is designed to help students who are one to three years behind in mathematics re-engage as motivated learners and succeed in Algebra I within a single academic year.  Intensified Algebra I integrates a comprehensive course curriculum with interventions from social psychology to motivate and develop students’ positive beliefs about their academic abilities.

Intensified Algebra I delivers:

  • In-depth, hands-on exploration tools, including animations, simulations, and practice problems, to build comprehension of key concepts
  • Continuous feedback with interactive animations, formative assessments, tips, and self-test questions and answers
  • Differentiated instruction that targets needed practice and review through rich visualizations, multiple representations of concepts, and daily small-group activities
  • Strategic routines and structures to access and organize students’ growing understanding of crucial mathematics content

Algebra I
A full year basic college prep course that will cover the essential principles of algebra using multiple strategies using traditional and new methods, technological strategies, and best practices.  Students are expected to develop an understanding of the basic structure and language of Algebra, a tool that is used to represent and solve real-world situations.  Students are expected to learn the foundation for solving problems and use verbal language as well as numbers to analyze functions, solve and evaluate equations and expressions, and interpret tables, graphs, and models.  In addition, students will practice and solve problems related to geometry, data analysis, statistics and probability using manipulatives, models, graphs, computer applications, and graphing calculators. 

Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy is a mathematics course designed to apply knowledge of consumer topics, algebra, and geometry to real life. The goal is to inform students of finance in mathematical terms and formulas and to manage their finances when they leave to become productive adults in society.  Topics are related to credit, banking, financial services, retirement, health and life insurance, and money management.  Literacy, technology, health, and life skills are integrated throughout the course.

Health is a one-half credit course required by SRHS as well as the State of New Mexico Public Education Department. The course concentrates on the five following topics: Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sexual Education, HIV/AIDS, and Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs. In addition, topics covered emphasize the social, physical, and mental/emotional aspects of health and the awareness of health behaviors and their consequences. It is the goal to increase the health of students and assist them in using positive decision-making processes that will affect their lifestyles.  

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