English/Language Arts

My Instructional Goals

  • To develop and expand your child’s vocabulary.
  • To provide your child with strategies and skills to promote critical thinking and the comprehension of information that is read, heard, and viewed.
  • To provide the skills necessary for your child to communicate effectively through speaking and writing.
  • To use literature and media to facilitate your child’s understands of people, societies, and self.

Classroom Expectations

I expect my students to:

  • Be in school
  • Be organized and prepared
  • Be respectful at all times
  • Use class time wisely
  • Stay engaged in lessons, ask questions, and study to learn.
  • Pass all tests with 80% or better
  • Read their AR book 45 minutes per day (10-15 minutes in class plus 25- 30 at home)

 Grading Scale

  • 35%Homework and Participation
  • 15%Accelerated Reader
  • 50%  Assessments