Math Department

Julie SanchezThe math department for grades 6, 7, and 8 have an integrated curriculum that has been aligned to Common Core Standards.  We have a program set up that builds each year until it culminates at the end of 8th grade, with the hopes that our students leave middle school well prepared for high school math.  We use a variety of resources in the classrooms, including Saxon math and programs we can pull off of the internet such as Khan Academy and IXL Math.  Our students are expected to work on the Math presented to them so that they learn procedures that will enable them to solve a variety of problems in future classes including Geometry and other high school math.  The Math Department at the Middle School uses the same procedures from grade to grade and teacher to teacher so that there is a Gary Personscontinuity of teaching methods that can be understood by all students in all three years of middle school.  We understand that the material can often be difficult for students to understand but the students will understand the material if they put in the work and the effort during and after class.