Mrs. Griselda Pearson
Spanish Teacher

ourse Objectives

1. Comprehending spoken Spanish
2. Speaking in Spanish using good pronunciation
3. Comprehending materials written in Spanish
4. Writing to communicate in Spanish
5. Comparing and contrasting student culture with perspectives found in the Spanish-speaking world

Units of Study
Describing a house, household items, furniture
Planning a party
Staying healthy
Party of the Body
Places of Interest
Daily Routines
Vacation Plans
Leisure Activities

Class Rules


Index Cards

Grading Scale
Participation/In-Class Tasks 20%
Weekly Quizzes 40%
Tests 40%

Participation/In-Class Tasks
Students that actively participate and follow all rules everyday get a perfect participation score. Students that don't actively participate or don't follow rules get a lowered score. Attendance also factors into the participation score. Students can improve their score by choosing to become more active in class and follow rules. Classwork that is completed daily will be checked on completion and quality of assignment. Also includes exit tickets. Students will also be asked to participate in groups.

Weekly Quizzes
There will be weekly vocabulary quizzes. Quizzes will be given on Fridays. Quiz grades will be written in their agenda.

Tests are used to measure students' learning. They help inform instruction. Any test with a score of "D" or below will result in a re-test. Parent signature on the test will be required.

Extra Help
If you are having difficulty with the material, have personal questions or concerns, or need advice, please ask me for help. I would be glad to meet with you outside of class.

Additional Notes
I am a respectful adult who is passionate about teaching you to be a better version of yourself. When you are a respectful student in my class, then I can be the best version of myself. My class can be challenging, but it is also interesting. If you choose to give your best effort, you will learn a lot and enjoy the course. Buena Suerte!