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eSport Rosters

League of Legends: on Tuesdays @ 4pm

Juan Diaz-12th 

Isiah Barlea- 12th 

Michael Lucero- 11th 

Jimmy Flores-9th 

Arthur Lucero-9th 

Smash Bros Ultimate: Wednesdays @ 4pm

Izaak Fernandez-10th 

Jimmy Flores- 9th 

Jonthan Lopez-8th 

Rocket League: Thursdays @ 4pm

Josh Flores-12th 

Damien Gauna-10th 

Ryan Tenorio- 10th 

Izaak Fernandez- 10th 

Brennan Encinias- 10th 

Virgilio Estupinan- 10th 

Mario Kart 8 Deluze: Thursdays @ 4pm 

Jaoquin Campos-9th

Arthur Lucero-9th 

Sky Salas-9th 

Joseph Quintana- 9th

Jimmy Flores-9th  



Spring 2022 eSports schedule

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