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Employment Opportunities

Make note that Applications are only good for 90 days, you must re-apply.

Current Openings

Applications are available in PDF format below


    Deadline: Open Until Filled


         1. High school diploma or successful completion of the General Education Development Test (GED) requirements.

         2. Preferably training and experience in general education and/or classroom.

         3. Demonstrate positive attitude, interest, and motivation expected of a paraprofessional.

         4. Must be able to lift 25 pounds to head level when requested.

         5. Must be able to kneel, squat, crawl, bend and walk without limitations.

         6. Must be proficient in English and Spanish.

         7. A reasonable amount of Computer Literacy.

         8. Other qualifications determined to be necessary by the Board.

    REPORTS TO: Immediate Supervisor: Principal(s) and/or Program Director

      General Supervisor: Superintendent

    JOB GOAL: To contribute to a well-organized, smooth-functioning class environment in which students can take full advantage of the instructional program and available resources.


         1. Assist teachers in the delivery of instruction in the classroom.

         2. Help students to understand assignments in both English and Spanish.

         3. Work with and/or tutor individual students in small groups in the classroom to reinforce learning of materials or skills initially introduced by the teacher in bilingual, if necessary, and through technology.

         4. Assist the teacher or designee in devising special strategies for reinforcing materials or skills based on a sympathetic understanding of individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities.

         5. Operate and care for computers used in the classroom for instructional purposes.

         6. Help students master technology or instructional materials assigned by the teacher.

         7. Distribute and collect workbooks, papers, and other materials used for instruction.

         8. Guide independent study enrichment work, remedial work, and assignments set up by the teacher.

         9. Assist with the supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies, play periods, field trips, etc…

         10. Assist with small or large group activities and work on Literature, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc…, and Distance Learning through Technology.

         11. Read to students, listen to students read, and participate in other forms of oral communication with students.

         12. Pick up office supplies and/or classroom supplies from Central Office.

         13. Supervise testing and make-up work, as assigned by the teacher.

         14. Assist teachers with activities related to winter and Spring Programs.

         15. Keep bulletin boards and other classroom learning displays up to date.

         16. Alert the regular teacher of any problems or special information about an individual student.

         17. Serve as the chief source of information and assist any substitute teacher assigned in the absence of the regular classroom teacher.

         18. Maintain the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of a fully licensed teacher.

         19. Participate in in-service training programs as assigned.

         20. Attend school board meetings at the request of the Superintendent of his/her authorized designee.

         21. Perform all other assigned tasks required of the supervisor(s).


    TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: Term of Employment will be established by the Board of Education on an annual basis, through the adoption of the school calendar.

  • Deadline: Open Until Filled


    1. Extensive training and/or experience in food preparation;
    2. Demonstrate leadership qualities;
    3. Demonstrate cooperativeness and a willingness to acquire added competencies in the area of nutrition and related areas;
    4. Must be literate and have mathematical skills;
    5. Competencies in record keeping, reporting and inventory control;
    6. Must be able to lift 25 pounds to head level, when required.
    7. Must be able to kneel, squat, crawl, bend and walk without limitations;
    8. Other qualifications determined to be necessary by the Board.

    REPORTS TO: Cafeteria Manager/Principal - Shared responsibility, Superintendent- General Supervisor

    JOB GOAL: To serve the students attractive and nutritious meals in an atmosphere of efficiency, cleanliness and warmth.

  • Deadline: Open Until Filled


    1. Required State Certification in Library Science;
    2. Other endorsements and/or qualifications determined necessary by the Board.

    REPORTS TO: Principal(s) or Designee

    GENERALSUPERVISOR: Director of Instruction

    SUPERVISES: Library Assistant(s) – shared responsibility with Principal

    JOB GOAL: To provide all students with an enriched library environment containing a wide variety and range of materials that will invite intellectual growth and to aid all students in acquiring the skills needed to take full advantage of library resources. Perform added tasks required of a teacher in the endorsed area.

PDF Applications

Submit resume to Human Resource BettyJo Moncayo 344 Fourth St, Santa Rosa NM 88435

Applicants must be able to pass a background check and hold required licenses, if applicable. Positions are available until filled with a fiscal year starting date. Applications are also available at 344 4th St. Santa Rosa, NM 88435.

The Santa Rosa Consolidated School District is an equal opportunity employer. No candidate will be denied employment on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, age, or handicap.